Storage SilosKW - Flat Bottom Silos Features

The Kepler Weber line of flat bottom silos is designed to store grain (Wheat,Paddy Rice, Corn Maize, Soyabean, Canola & etc.) or free flow products with the specific weight of up to 0.83t/m³ or 0.60t/m³ in the case of the line of silos for rice. The storage capacities vary from 24 m³ (smallest model) to 18,268 m³ (largest model). This means storing between 18 metric tons to 13,701 metric tons of product or up to 228,000 bags, 60 kilograms each.

Technical details
Operational Safety
Covering plates - Roof
Side plates - Body of the Silo
Frame Posts
Roof Structure
Central Lid
Access doors
Body Stairs - External and Internal
Ventilation Systems - Optional Accessory
Side Spout - Optional Accessory
Grain Spreader - Optional Accessory
Ladder on the roof with guardrail - Optional Accessory
Circular Stairs - Optional Accessory
Catwalks - Optional Acessory
Valves - Optional Accessory
Sweep Auger - Optional Accessory
Thermometry System - Optional Accessory
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