Storage Silos

KW - Hopper Bottom Silos Features

The Kepler Weber line of hopper bottom silos is designed to store grain (Wheat,Paddy Rice, Corn Maize, Soyabean, Canola & etc.) or free flow products with the specific weight of up to 0.83t/m³ or 0.60t/m³ in the case of the line of silos for rice. The storage capacities vary from 15 m³ (smallest model) to 1,040 m³ (largest model). This means storing between 11 metric tons to 779 metric tons of product or up to 12,992 bags, 60 kilograms each.

Technical details
Operational Safety
Reinforcement Columns
Covering plates - Roof
Side plates - Body of the Silo
Frame Posts
Central Lid
Access doors
Body Stairs - External and Internal
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